Magic Dove...Our Story

Opening as a quaint one room magic shop in Historic Cocoa Village in the city of Cocoa,

Florida with only a small collection of classic magic tricks, Magic Dove Magic
Shop quickly out-grew their space within the first year. Now ten years later, it
has grown into a full-service magic shop complete with a professional
stage and weekly magic shows performed by young magicians. The magic shop also
hosts a monthly contest. 


Dr. Dan Ezell, university professor in special education, started this magic business to
provide a clean safe place for children to grow as magicians. He is fondly
called, "Dr. Dan the Magic Man” by his friends and magic community.  Dr. Dan's primary focus has always been on helping young magicians reach their full potential; therefore, preserving the future of magic by engaging and mentoring young magicians has also been the
focus of Magic Dove.


Numerous famous magicians have been part of mentoring, performing and/or lecturing at
Magic Dove. This list includes Michael Ammar, Jeff McBride, Shawn Farquhar,
Dirk Losander, Ice McDonald, Kevin Spenser and many more.


Magic Dove is proud to be the sponsor of the largest youth magic club in the world - yes the
largest. Magic Dove Society of Young Magicians assembly number Y143 has many
award winning young magicians. 



Magic Dove welcomes you to help us preserve the future of magic.

​Magic Dove Magic Shop​

Preserving the future of magic by engaging and mentoring young magicians.